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Sunnyvale Little League News

Presidents' Newsletter - May 2017

Greetings Sunnyvale Little League Families -

We're two months into the season and rounding the corner on the completion of what's turning out to be a wonderful season. As we mentioned previously, we wanted to reach out to our membership base through this newsletter. It's an opportunity for us to share some of the inner workings of the league in order to provide insights on what's happening and what's on the horizon for our new league.

Here are a few topics we wanted to cover this month:

Securing Our Facilities

We hate to start on this topic, but it's an important one that we need to stress with everyone. Each and every field that we run practices and games on typically have equipment boxes which store the gear required to play baseball. At the end of games and practices, it's every team's responsibility to make sure equipment is stored properly, and that the equipment boxes are locked.

There have been several instances where these boxes have been left unlocked. We're also finding equipment thrown haphazardly into these boxes or the large equipment sheds. Some equipment has already been damaged as a result. It is imperative that we act as a community and protect these expensive assets. Replacing specialty baseball items also takes time as we can't typically run down to the hardware store to buy bases or umpire's gear.

We are asking the entire Sunnyvale Little League Community to PLEASE keep an eye on these equipment boxes / sheds and lock them if you are the leaving the field and there are no other events on the field. If there is an issue with your ability to lock up one of these, please notify your respective coach or any board member immediately.

Facilities Upgrades

Speaking of facilities, we wanted to mention that there are several projects that are in the works or have been completed regarding our fields. First off, we've installed a new equipment box at the Serra Park Backstop Field, which is now equipped with benches for the players, bases, paint and a paint stripper which will now allow coaches to lay down baselines.

We also installed new batting cage mats at the De Anza Park batting cages, and we replaced the mat that was stolen out of the Serra Park batting cages. In order to deter any more theft, we've branded all of the mats with "SVLL" markings.

We've also purchased new shade pop-ups for our loyal spectators. It gets hot out on those fields. Pop-ups are located in the De Anza snack shack (for Faber Field), the large equipment shed at De Anza Park (for De Anza 2 and the De Anza Backstop field), and in the large shed at Serra Park (for Serra 1, Serra 2 and the Serra Backstop field). Parents may grab one of these and set it up over the bleachers or spectator areas, but we ask that you put them back into their storage bags and replace them back in their respective storage areas if you are the last event of the day on that field.

We have several projects that are also in process.

- All netting in both the De Anza and Serra Park batting cages are being replaced. The existing nets have served us well, but they are all in dire need of replacement.

- We are in the process of replacing the scoreboard at Serra Park

- We have a few bat racks that are on their way and should be installed at the Serra Backstop field and at the De Anza 2 field shortly.


The league just wrapped up our cookie dough fundraiser, which netted the league more than $5,000. Those funds will be used to ensure our facilities are the best in the District and to help offset the cost of running the league. We wanted to extend a big thank you to all the players who sold cookie dough.

Blues for Pink

Our league will be participating in the traditional "Blues for Pink" week from May 8th through the 14th. This event is a fundraiser for the American Breast Cancer Foundation. Donations will be collected at games all week. Drop your donations into the pink batting helmets, which will be located at both the De Anza and Serra Park snack shacks. All our umpires will be decked out in pink uniforms during the week, which wraps up on Mother's Day.

Help Shape the League

As we near the end of the regular season, we're nearing the point in which we will be saying goodbye to several board members whose children are aging out of the league. The time is now to find their replacements. We have several positions that will be opening up, so if you are interested, please contact us. We desperately need to have these positions filled. Vital league functions could go unfilled if we don't have parent representation to help lead these areas.

Catcher's Clinic

We also wanted to extend a big thank you to Josh Say, Ryan Lee and Matthew Maloney. These three are all alumni of our league, and they organized and instructed a catcher's clinic on April 30th that was attended by more than 50 SVLL players. The trio covered vital skills and training techniques that will help us build a stronger program. Thank you gentlemen!

As always, if you have comments or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to us. We're here to help.

See you out on the diamond,

Jean Roberts & Mike Lee
Sunnyvale Little League

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