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Field Locations
Sunnyvale Little League Fields include:

Field Address
DeAnza Park 1150 Lime Dr [ Map ] [ Layout ]
Serra Park 730 The Dalles Avenue [ Map ] [ Layout ]
Cupertino Middle School 1660 Bernardo [ Map ] [ Layout ]
Farrell Field / Sunnyvale Middle School W Remington Dr. & Mango Ave. [ Map ] [ Layout ]
San Antonio Park 1026 Astoria Dr. [ Map ] [ Layout ]
West Valley 1635 Belleville Way [ Map ] [ Layout ]
All Fields [ Map ]    ||    Interleague Fields [ Map ]
Junior fields located on the District Website.

Neighboring League Fields:

Field Address
Ponderosa Park (Svale Metro LL) 811 Henderson Ave [ Map ] [ Layout ]
Raynor Park (Svale Metro LL) 1565 Quail Ave [ Map ] [ Layout ]
Washington Park (Svale National LL) 840 W Washington Ave [ Map ] [ Layout ]
All Fields [ Map ]    ||    Interleague Fields [ Map ]
Junior fields located on the District Website.

Rain Out Status:
For rain out status, check the web site or The Sunnyvale field hotline: (408)730-7585

Field Prep Guidelines:
Now that the fields have been prepared by the city, let's do our part to keep them in great condition all season long. PLEASE follow these instructions from the city with regards to dragging and watering:
  1. We should be watering the infield dirt BEFORE, and then again AFTER dragging. The watering before insures our proper dirt/material mix supplied by the city doesn't float away in a cloud of dust. Also, any low spots, especially in the batters box area, are better filled after the initial watering.
  2. When dragging at De Anza and Serra, PLEASE do not drag on the grass. This will kill the grass as the season progresses, and worse, damage the sprinkler heads, resulting in flooding and uneven watering. The city suggests trying to stay 6 inches away from the grass. Also, try and alternate dragging from inside-->out to outside-->in on different days. This minimizes dirt build up.
  3. At De Anza and Serra, the mound should be watered to set the dirt, then loose dirt (maybe taken from along the fences by dugouts) can be added to fill holes. Last, rake and water.
  4. There are white and blue "tick" marks painted on the baseline fenceboards to help locate the bases (white) and water holes (blue). This is especially helpful at Cup when the bases get buried.
Please water and drag after using the field for practices and games. We'll send detailed instructions for game field prep soon, but the fields must also be watered/dragged after practice if you are the last to use the field for the day. If there happens to be time between practices to water/drag it should be done then too, but often the schedule is to tight for this (though offering to drag before turning over the field is a great thing to do!). Thanks to everyone for all you're doing out there! Let's keep those fields looking great this season!

Field Prep Guidelines:
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